Posted by Sandro on October 26th, 2007

Refactoring & Extending Syndicate2Web

syndicate2web splash sort of

I’ve been refacturing the code of Syndicate2Web for future usage in Eclipse and still am, also it’s about time that the missing features i want get added. Possibly i will upload it to my svn and open it up to the public. Problem with it is, it uses Zinc to wrap the flash into an exe to access filesystem functionality, maybe it’s time to consider AIR for the job?

Anyway, what is Syndicate2Web i hear you say? Hey easy to explain really. It’s practically a complete webserver in a box. It includes Apache, PHP (with memcached), MySQL (and a phpmyadmin instance), FileZilla as an FTP Server and Mercury as a SMTP/POP Daemon.

How is this different from other packages like these, like for example XAMPP from Apachefriends? Well, firstly it will include a simple updating mechanism where you decide what you want to ugprade and what not. Secondly and most importantly. It runs on any media! So throw it unto a USB Stick and have your portable Webserver Solution wherever you go. Neat eh? I definitely thought so, that’s why i made it :)

Anyway, i’m still missing some of the features, mostly a simple configuration interface. Yes, i know i could solve it simply through a php script, but that would be half the fun right ? Here’s a list of things that need to be done:


  • AppDir changes to the new apache2.2 config scheme have to be redone since it’s 1.3 standard right now
  • User-Definable Virtualhosts (incl. header/readme’s , Aliases, AuthType ,
    htpasswd generation , add. options (rewriteengine etc)
  • User-Definable ServerName:ServerPort
  • User-Definable ServerAdmin


  • User-Definable error_reporting
  • User-Definable display_errors
  • User-Definable register_globals
  • User-Definable Safe Mode
  • User-Definable upload_max_filesize
  • User-Definable sendmail_from


  • User-Definable Data Directory


  • User-Definable myname //Internet Name of the Server
  • User-Definable timezone
  • User-Definable HELO //announce to external-servers, i.e. “”


  • possibly replace by a php script that handles everything / including upload and usermanagment may be simpler and definitely smaller!or
  • User-Definable Maximum user count
  • User-Definable FTP-Port
  • User-Definable PASV
  • User-Definable Hide Welcome Message
  • User-Definable Initial Welcome Message
  • User-Definable Upload/Download Speedlimit Type
  • User-Definable Users/Groupspdate Engine

Update Engine

  • the entire thing

So there you have it, lots left to be done…

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