Posted by Sandro on March 5th, 2008

Things that are cooking…

I am very busy at the moment on many different fronts. The Coverflow Clone i made for will be going open source. I am very exited about that. Seeing that there are many of these clones out there i’m sure that this one has a very distinct reason d’etre. It’s done in AS2 Papervision3D and highly optimized for perfomance. More about this soon.

On other fronts, i am trying to finish Trader v1 for public release to enter the latest MochiAds Contest.

I also have the possiblity to write a couple Tutorials for which i’m also very excited about.

Workwise i’m stuck with javascript/css work and can’t wait to get my hands dirty again with actionscript/flex. As we speak of Actionscript/Flex, the Adobe Air Camp also left me quite inspired to make ample use of AIR in forthcoming projects. More on that topic soon.

Last but absolutely not least, Michel and I will merge our knowledge and deliver it for your reading pleasure over at , which will become our technical blog. So make sure to check it out regularly ;)

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  1. me and my mom always love to cook and eat delicious recipes:-.


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