Posted by Sandro on March 13th, 2009

Swiss Flash User Group Meeting – March 17, 2009


The 23. Open Meeting of the SFUG is at hand. On March 17, 2009 we meet up at the offices of .nemos once again to discuss our favorite topic, the Flash Platform.

This time Flash veterans will get infos on how they can profit from using Flex and what has to be kept in mind when using Flex. I will be holding a talk about DeMonsterDebugger and why it has become my new absolute favorite debugger. There will also be a talk about what you can do when you mixup AIR with the Wii-Controller.

Also, there will be some steaming hot news concerning the SFUG – so make sure not to miss out on it and drop by!

Here the details to the  talks:

Moving from AS3 to Flex – advantages, hazards, traps (Florian Weil, Liip AG)
At first view developing with Flex looks pretty easy and comfortable for Flash developers. But that Impression is misleading since some features of Flex have to be savoured with caution.
Florian delivers in his talk a conceptional view into the Flex Framework und shows up when it makes sense to use Flex and what hurdles there are to master when switching from Flash to Flex.

DeMonsterDebugger – monstrously mighty Flash Debugging (Sandro Ducceschi, Liip AG)
A new Debugger has rised to stardom in the Flash world and has quickly become THE tool for squashing them nasty bugs. Name? DeMonsterDebugger! Sandro shows us just how much horsepower the new Debugger is sporting and how it aided him while developing his recently opensourced Twitter API, Tweetr.

Wii-controlled AIR-Games (Marcel Vogt, .nemos GmbH)
That AIR is not only awesome to develop RIA’s, but also for Game development will be shown by Marcel by presenting a current project of his. He combines Box2D with the WiiFlashServer to develop a Game, in which the Wii Wheel and also the Balance Board are used.

Everyone interested and fascinated by the Flash Platform (Flash, Flex, AIR etc) are warmly weclome to drop by:

When: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 – 19.00 till 21.30
Where: .nemos GmbH, Eichstrasse 25, 8045 Zürich
Cost: none at all!
How to get there: From HB Zürich with the S-Bahn 10 (18.26h) till Station Binz

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  1. Hi Sandro,

    Good luck with your session! If I can help you, just let me know.


    Ferdi Koomen
    Lead Developer @ De Monsters

  2. Sandro says:

    Heya Ferdi

    Thanks for the wishes, i hope i got all the infos i need :) Unless there is some undocumented features hidden away that i can give away at the talk ? :P


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