Posted by Sandro on March 1st, 2009

The #tweetcoding Contest

Grant Skinner has started a great Challenge for all Flash Developers. #tweetcoding the name, 140 characters the game!

The rules are quite simple. A coding template is provided and you get 140 characters of code you can create something colorful with. Once your happy you twitter it :)

You can see all entries of the first contest right here:

So, obviously i had to try my luck too :). So here are my eight entries for the first contest in order of creation.

Entry #1 – Bond - (click to see flash version)

Entry #2 – Mouse enabled Moiré Bond - (click to see flash version)

Entry #3 – Hyperdrive – (click to see flash version)

Entry #4 – Tube Art – (click to see flash version)

Entry #5 – Ant Race – (click to see flash version)

Entry #6 – Nearly Neverending Waterfall – (click to see flash version)

Entry #7 – Sketched Apparition – (click to see flash version)

Entry #8 – Sneaky Snake – (click to see flash version)

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