Posted by Sandro on November 22nd, 2009

A little deed for free speech

freedom of speech

What is this all about

Since we are not living in an ideal world, where everyone can get all the information they want or speak out their mind freely, i have a simple proposition to make.

Twitter is more than just a simple outlet of peoples thoughts anymore. The recent events in Iran have demonstrated that. That’s why i’ve packaged up my Twitter Proxy from the Tweetr AS3 Library, so that pratically anyone who has a webserver/webspace could create an instance of it and contribute to those who can’t freely access twitter.

What i want you to do

  1. Download the TweetrProxy – Freedom of Speech Edition
  2. Extract the Archive
  3. Move the content into a directory on your server from where you want to serve the proxy.
  4. Call that URL and follow the installation procedure
  5. Tweet about this and your proxy using any or all of these hashtags: #free #speech #twitter #proxy
  6. Pat yourself on the shoulder for doing something good :)

Why i’m doing this

Yesterday i received a bug report on my twitter library, stating that the proxy doesn’t work from iPhone clients.

At first i was confused, since i didn’t really build the proxy for such a purpose. After learning that the person asking for this came from china, i suddenly realized that my recent changes to the proxy wouldn’t allow anyone to use the proxy unless they used it in conjunction with my library.

Since the proxy acts just the same way as if you would call usually any client that allows to set a proxy was able to use it, but since i removed Basic Authentication from the newest version, it wouldn’t work anymore.

Upon realizing this, i figured – why not package the older version up with a simple installer so anyone could install a proxy and help people out. And so here it is.

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  1. king says:

    Thank your for doing this.
    I am in China and I hate the GFW.

  2. Jet says:

    thanks for this :)
    i just installed it 5mins ago. seems like the install finished without any problems.
    i am using ubertwitter from a blackberry in china, only my direct messages load, i can’t seem to get my friends timeline up. very strange.
    any idea what’s going on?

  3. Jet says:

    Forgot to mention, I can post tweets aswell.

  4. Hi Sandro:

    First of all thanks for your great lib and proxy, but i am having problem in using your proxy, both versions of 1.09b and FOSE:

    1. I installed version 1.09b successfully, but after use in adobe air, for getting homeTimeline i got error in php log for invalid twitter address and also in *.cache file. But if i do it through browser, every thing is good, any solution?

    2. I installed well the FOSE in my php server but my adobe air keep asking security popUp for entering credential login information, it is very annoying. can i use it without popUp login like point 1?

    Thanks for your help.

  5. says:



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