Posted by Sandro on November 10th, 2009

Tweetr AS3 Library 0.95 Released

I can haz Tweetr AS3 Library 0.95

UPDATED: Tweetr has gotten an Update since this blog post. See this blog post for more infos.

I’m happy to announce a new version of the AS3 Twitter API Library, now in version 0.95!

What’s New:

So let’s get to the juice part, here is a condensed overview of the changes:

NEW: Added Twitter List Methods.
NEW: Added missing Profile Methods, including Profile Image/Background Upload.
NEW: Added friendships/show Methods.
NEW: Added blocks/exists, blocks/blocking and blocks/blocking/ids Methods.
NEW: Added trends/current, trends/daily and trends/weekly Methods.
NEW: Added report_spam Method.
NEW: Added URL Unshortener Class using the public service provided by
NEW: TweetrProxy has Installer/Configurator Script now.

FIXED: Authentication Issues are a thing of the past now!

MORE: Tons of small changes and bugfixes. Read full ChangeLog for more details.

Also since i’ve noticed that it’s starting to become difficult to keep track on what is new and what is not within the Documentation, i have clearly marked which Methods are new and which ones are going to deprecate in the near future.

The ASDocs now clearly mention what is new and what will become deprecated

For those who wonder, the examples over at the Googlecode Site for the Library have aswell been updated to reflect the changes to the Library and the sources can still be retrieved by clicking on “View Source” from the Flash Contextmenu.

What Next:

Since i’ve gotten quite a lot of requests for examples, i have decided to create a couple tutorials in the upcoming weeks, which i will post here on this blog, so stayed tuned for that.

I’m also going to start integrating API Methods which yet are not publicly available so that they can be released as soon as they become active, so hopefully we will see more regular releases of the Library.

On the subject of OAuth, i would like to ask you, dear readers, to participate in a little Poll to establish what your needs and demands are. So make sure to fill it out:


In Conclusion

So there you have it! As always i’ll be glad if you report any problems you encounter over at the Googlegroups Discussion for the Library or create an issue on googlecode.

I want to take this opportunity to also thank everyone who submitted bug reports and sent in feedback, so a big thanks to all of you aswell. Please remember if you build something cool, drop me a line, since i’m always curious to see what you guys and girls build with the Library.

And of course if you appreciate the work going into this Library and it’s continued support, consider making a small donation. ;)

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  1. D Molanphy says:

    Looking forward to the examples! Excited to use this.

  2. bjöern says:

    hi sandro,
    i just wanted you to know that we used tweetr on our latest project ( thanks for developing tweetr.

  3. Sandro says:

    Just checked it out, very cool idea! Thanks for letting me know :)

  4. Hey Sandro,

    ich wollte mich mal bedanken für deine klasse API :-)

    Werde sie demnächst mal ausprobieren und mal schauen was dabei rauskommt.

    Gruß aus Kassel

  5. Sharedtut says:

    Hi, just letting you know I gave this and tried. Thank you.

  6. ZREN says:

    Thanks, it’s very helpful for me. is very helpful for beginners.


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