Posted by Sandro on December 15th, 2009

Tweetr Lib reaches v1.0b


UPDATED: Tweetr has gotten an Update since this blog post. See this blog post for more infos.

I’m proud to announce a major update to Tweetr – the AS3 Twitter API Library. We are now very close to reaching the infamous v1.0!

Eventhough i have tested out most of the features, i am not entirely confident in calling this new release v1.0 and am thereby releasing it as v1.0 beta and hope all of you will provide me with feedback as to how well it works out and if you encounter any bugs.

The new version is available as of right now and can be downloaded from to shiney new Project Home at: .

What’s new

As of now, the library integrates all twitter API features and is supporting Basic Authentication aswell as the much requested OAuth!

  • AS: added OAuth Support
  • AS: added getHomeTimeLine
  • AS: added getRetweetsByMe
  • AS: added getRetweetsToMe
  • AS: added getRetweetsOfMe
  • AS: added retweetStatus
  • AS: added statusRetweets
  • AS: added Geo Tagging feature to updateStatus
  • AS: added searchUser
  • AS: added description property to ListData
  • AS: updated StatusData to include Retweeted Statuses and Geo Information
  • AS: refactored GET Request argument passing
  • AS: fixed a bug when parsing SavedSearchData (thx Ken)
  • AS: removed deprecated methods, sendTweet, destroyTweet, getSingleTweet, getReplies
  • PROXY: Fixed an Image Upload Bug (thx Bhargava)
  • PROXY: OAuth Support

Known Issues

As of right now there is one known issue with OAuth and DELETE Methods for Lists. This is a official Issue within the Twitter API thereby we all have to wait for Twitter to come out with a fix for it :)

What’s next

Next i will be doing some Tutorials on OAuth usage and in general on how to use the Library. These will then be posted over at the new Project Homepage. Also i really hope you – dear users – will provide me with feedback on how things work. For that i have setup a Issue Tracker which you will also be able to find from the new Project Homepage.

Whom i’d like to thank

There is one person in particular i would like to thank and that person is Dan Petitt aka Coderanger . I was able to base my OAuth implementation on his great OAuth Class, which really helped me getting started. Thanks mate!

Also i would like to thank you all for the continuous feedback you are giving me and please keep it coming :)

As always, if you build something cool with the library, drop me a line!

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  1. Bhargava says:

    Hello Sandro, thanks for the updated release. I feel that _serviceHost should be used in url() instead serviceHost. Correct?

  2. Sandro says:

    Hi Bhargava,

    you are absolutely correct, thanks for noticing. Luckily it doesn’t cause any problems, but i changed it right away and committed the change to svn.

  3. jurito says:

    the latest swc .zip is corrupted


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