Posted by Sandro on July 19th, 2010

Current Tweetr / OAuth Progress

I just wanted to share with you the current progress in the Tweetr Library. Since a video says more than a thousand words, here’s a quick example of the pin-less OAuth authorization process that the library allows now.

Using OAuth in Tweetr from Sandro on Vimeo.

The technique used is quite simple really. Tweetrs OAuth uses a ExternalInterface Bridge to communicate with Twitter and the redirect after successful authorization.

If you feel adventurous, feel free to try the above example yourself.

Since AIR, Web and Mobile versions all require a different approach for pinless authorization, the next release of the library – for the first time – will also come in 3 different flavors, regardless of flavor though, the API will be the same to ease development processes.

For a quick look at how OAuth will work for mobile, check out Mark Dohertys AIR 2.5 StageWebView Demo where he shows off pinless OAuth on an Android Mobile Device.

I would like to extend my thanks to Mark at this point, since thanks to a short-notice debug session over Adobe Connect, i think we both learned pretty quickly that there wasn’t much to change in the library itself to get Pinless OAuth working :)

I also would like to thank Joe Rheaume (aka @Chronotron) for providing me with his Pinless OAuth Solution. I ended up implementing my own solution because i had already forgotten that i had his approach in my email :) As it seems i ended up doing more or less the same thing as he did without realizing though :). So once again, thanks for that.

There will most likely be another week or two before this new version wil be released as i have a backlog of things that still need to get done before i can release this version. Be sure to keep an eye on SVN though if you want to try out the latest code bits.

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  1. edu says:

    Hi, do you can post the code in as3 ?

  2. edu says:

    Hi, The verified.html doesn’t work on IE, because the window.opener is null

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