Posted by Sandro on August 16th, 2010

Tweetr v1.0b3 out!

So here we are again, time for another beta release, this one comes in time for twitters start on deprecating basic authentication.

What’s new

  • Pinless OAuth for AIR (Desktop) and pure AS3 (Web)
  • Javascript/HTML Template for Pinless OAuth for Web apps
  • Minor bug fixes

You can grab the latest files as usual from the tweetr downloads page.

Notable Changes

This release marks the first time that we have two different SWC files. The tweetrWEB.swc is meant for Flex / AS3 Applications, while the tweetrAIR.swc is solely meant for Desktop AIR Apps.

It is discouraged to use the source code from this release on since it requires conditional compiling in order to get it working correctly. Use the specific SWC instead. I will continue providing the source code though in zip format.

The Documentation is now valid for all versions of the Library. AIR only methods and properties will be marked as such.

How to use pinless OAuth

Glad you asked, i’ve prepared two tutorials on how to use pinless OAuth:

What’s next

Next release will definitely include the Mobile AIR version. Any further plans are quite open since i have plans on refactoring the library to make it more modular, so you only integrate the bare minimum of what you actually use. Which will benefit mobile versions as of course all other versions as well. If you have any urgent requests of features you would like to see, please let me know via the google groups site.

That’s it for now, hope you enjoy the pinless freedom you are getting and as always, if you have any questions/suggestions you can post them on the google groups site if they are tweetr related. In any other case, leave a comment or contact me via mail or twitter.

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  1. Abdol says:

    Ok nice, but what’s the difference between the web and the air swc file?

  2. Sandro says:

    Hi Adbol,

    the main difference lies in the way how each version has to go through the oAuth authentication process.

    The plain AS3 version uses the ExternalInterface & Javascript to achieve authentication.

    The AIR version uses the AIR only HTMLLoader to do the same and does not require any ExternalInterface calls or any Javascript.

    Since we can’t have AIR Methods in a pure AS3 version it was neccessary to divide the code into two different SWC’s.

    Further versions will actually be split into 3 different SWC’s once i add support for the Mobile AIR Version for Android.

    Hope that clarifies things a bit.


  3. wheel says:

    Thanks for good library.

    Can you implement these process for authorization in as3 below?
    *its for explanation, don’t care about sync/async:)

    token=tweetr.authorizeusermethod(username, password)
    tweetr.updatetweetmethod(“comments here here”, token)

  4. Simon says:

    I’ve been using tweetr for months on a clients webpage. I have a swf on my cleints page that displays their latest tweet by ‘ghost’ logging in to their account and retrieving the tweet. It has suddenly stopped working. My proxy seems to be broken and gives me “Basic authentication is not supported.” Is it still possible to use tweetr the way that I have been?

  5. Simon, you should use OAuth, the open ID is no longer support. If you use “ghost”, you should save the ghost token and secret in your webservice. I hope i am saying right :)

    @Sandro: Would you mind please check your getReceivedDirectMessages and getSentDirectMessages methods? they are not working.


  6. jmp909 says:

    Hi, great stuff and looking forward to using it but there’s one bug i’ve noticed (added to issue tracker)

    Tweetr uses the AS3 Number datatype for ID’s but the Number datatype cannot handle numbers greater than 9007199254740992, and Twitter status ID’s are at least 3 times the size of this.

    The code will need to use String datatype for functions relating to ID’s

    (It’s a bit misleading since Number.MAX_VALUE is much higher than this)

    hope this helps

  7. Hi! Im trying to download the Tweetr files but it seems like your wikipage doesn’t work? Where can i get the files?


  8. Josha says:

    Small bug fix for the proxy Tweetr.php, url for OAuth has changed, so around line 114, change to

    $twitterURL = ‘’.str_replace($this->baseURL,”,$this->url[‘path’]);

  9. Robert C says:

    Anyone home – we need fixes to this code please. The latest changes by Twitter

  10. I could not resist commenting. Well written!

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