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Open sourced: Tweetr
Open sourced: Tweetr
UPDATED: Tweetr has gotten an Update since this blog post. See this blog post for more infos. While i was developing  Twidget , i started building up a AS3 Library for using the Twitter API, since the only other library i found seemed a bit painful to use. So after taking some additional time to generate...
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Phidgets meet Twitter
Phidgets meet Twitter
A while ago, i ordered myself some Phidgets since i was wanting to get some for quite some time and love the idea of beeing able to manipulate hardware through actionscript. I also couldn’t deny my love for everything that emits lights, so my choice of getting the Phidget LCD Interface was close...
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Open sourced: YACC
Open sourced: YACC
It’s been sitting around forever on my todo list but it’s finally done. I have the pleasure to announce to you that my Actionscript 2 Coverflow Clone which is loaded with tons of features has gone open source! Find out more by reading the whole blog entry over at
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Follow-up: Pimp Flex Builder some more
After having blogged about enhancing Flex Builder functionality, i also came across another useful extension. Snippets! As the name already tells you it allows you to create and insert snippets of code. Sadly it’s not as advanced as the template support in FDT. But, it’s better than nothing...
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Pimp my Flex Builder
I’ve gotten very used to Eclipse over the past year or so. One feature i absolutely love is the fact that i can write comments prefixed with TODO or FIXME and a handy task window will keep track of those comments. Which in the end tells me exactly what needs to be done without having to seek out...
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Got an invitation to the Adobe Air Camp in Zürich
Happy me! I got invited by Adobe to what they call the Adobe Air Camp. 2 days of training by 3 of their evangelists all around the Adobe Integrated Runtime! Also there will be a contest where you will have to develope an AIR based application within 24 hours. Winner gets a brand spanking new Macbook...
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Refactoring & Extending Syndicate2Web
I’ve been refacturing the code of Syndicate2Web for future usage in Eclipse and still am, also it’s about time that the missing features i want get added. Possibly i will upload it to my svn and open it up to the public. Problem with it is, it uses Zinc to wrap the flash into an exe to access...
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